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One Scope is your go-to for thorough, efficient inspections that empower informed decisions.

We excel in conducting inspections for a range of issues, including storm damage, water-related concerns, non-storm-related assessments, and more.

Our Services

Our comprehensive reports are promptly submitted within 12 hours of the inspection, providing detailed documentation including high-quality photos, inspection report forms, and precise measurements of both the main dwellings/buildings and any identified damages in the desired file formats.

Emergency Tarping


Our expertise lies in quickly deploying tarps to protect assets and minimize damage from unforeseen weather events, including wind, hail, and tree incidents, as well as subpar installations. With a well-equipped team, we ensure the preservation of your valuable assets. Count on us for swift and effective solutions to secure your property in response to unexpected challenges.

Infrared Thermal Inspection

Discover the potential of thermal imaging technology, uncovering hidden issues such as electrical faults, insulation gaps, and moisture intrusion. Our thermal infrared inspection ensures a comprehensive and non-invasive assessment, offering homeowners valuable insights into their property's condition. Immerse yourself in the benefits of state-of-the-art technology to elevate the depth and knowledge acquired during the home inspection process.

Dwelling Examination

We offer 4 specialized Examinations for your home

Specialized home inspections ensure the safety and functionality of residential properties by covering key areas such as electrical systems, plumbing, structural integrity, and pest infestation. Experienced inspectors meticulously examine every aspect of a home, using advanced tools to identify potential issues. A detailed report is then provided, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions about repairs or renovations. These inspections offer peace of mind, contributing to the overall value and longevity of a home.

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